Puma x Size? Wilderness Pack

Posted by Rashid Zakat on

Born from the wilderness, this PUMA collection, designed in collaboration
with size, will embody four harsh terrain environments, from the Sahara
through to the Inner City, adapting and evolving to provide the perfect
survival tools.

The first drop comprises of the R698 and XS850, both re-issues from the
90’s Trinomic range that have stood the test of time.

The attention to detail is second to none with the design of the R698
Wilderness Sahara inspired by barren desert. With its leather toe box and
suede upper resembling the dry windswept landscape, to the sand speckled
mid sole, through to the color pops of the fresh mirage blue inner and
cacti green tab, representing a flicker of life in the harshest

The striking design is followed through in the XS850 Wilderness Inner City.
Originally a trail running shoe, the XS850 was designed for dealing with
more uneven surfaces with maximum stability and with this re-issue it is
set to well equip you for survival on the streets.

Inspired by the transformation of a city after dusk, of streets illuminated
with street lights and engulfed by skyscrapers. With its black leather
upper reminiscent of the dark gritty streets and 3M backed mesh reflecting
the lit skyline of skyscrapers, through to the bright yellow inner of the
street lights and car beams and green tab detailing, these are designed
with the urban warrior in mind.


The Wilderness Pack is now available in the store or by phone 12pm PST to 7pm PST Monday-Saturday (520)623-2003 from 12pm PST to 7pm PST Monday-Saturday.  

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